5 Summer Must Haves With Oriental Trading

Summer is in full swing and the heat means pool parties here in Arizona! We love throwing full blown parties but small gatherings are a blast, too.  With smaller parties the pressure isn’t as great and safety is easier to maintain. Either way, Oriental Trading is the place to go for all my summer fun needs.

Top 5 Summer Must Haves:

  1. Water Guns: There are tons of options and sizes to choose from and these are great with or without a pool!otsummer
  2. Cooler: Keep drinks cold when your are hosting guests outside. otsummer3
  3. Pool Noodles: Classic or inflatable, pool noodles are fun for everyone.otsummer2
  4. Water Slide: All you need is a hose and some space to use this fun summer item!otsummer4
  5. Water Bottle: It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer heat.otsummer5

Oriental Trading has all my must haves for summer and more.  What are your must haves for summer and pool parties?

Party Favors People Actually WANT!

I love parties.  Hosting, planning, decorating and celebrating!  Party favors are not a necessity but I love thanking our guests with a little something before they leave.  And the best kind of thank you is edible, if you ask me!

I have fallen victim to the little toys and the candy,  and don’t get me wrong, kids love those kind of favors, too.  But adults and kids love food.  Food that fits your party theme is an even bigger hit.  Which is why Cierra’s Bake Shoppe is the perfect place to get cookies for your guests.  You can serve themed cookies during the actual party, too, which is also a huge hit.  And then offer guests a packaged cookie as they leave!

Party Favors

At our ocean themed pool party over the summer we had sunglasses, fish, turtles and more.  The guests raved over how cute they were but loved the taste even more!!  Then, after the party we handed out the big pineapples (which a friend pointed out would be perfect for a Sponge Bob party!).  Cierra’s Bake Shoppe packaged them up for us, I didn’t need to do a thing!! They can even deliver (depending on location and order).

Ocean and Beach Themed Cookies

You might think offering these kinds of favors will be too pricey or more expensive than little toys and candy, but the truth is, Cierra’s Bake Shoppe is so affordable.   You can find them at Momma’s Organic Market on Saturdays or online and taste the delicious baked goods!  You can order custom cookies   They just revealed a new Pokemon cookie, too! Perfect for your little (or big) Pokemon fans.

Whether you are planning a party or just want some cute and tasty cookies, I definitely recommend Cierra’s Bake Shoppe!  The kids and parents love them!

DIY Ocean Themed Under the Sea Party Decorations

Party themes are so much fun, plus they help me focus while planning.  I’ve seen many variations of Ocean themed parties, like:

Mermaid Party

Under The Sea (or One-der the Sea for those first birthdays)

Beach or Pool Party

Sea Creature Party Decorations

These easy DIY decorations are not only inexpensive, they are fun, too!  I used these decorations in the entryway, so guests would see them as soon as you walk in and on an empty wall in the dining room.  It helped tie the theme together and use budget-friendly decorations.

You Will Need:


Construction Paper

Green Crepe Paper

I looked up some sea creatures online and did a rough sketch on construction paper.  You can always trace the outlines to make it even easier!  I did a few kinds of creatures in a couple different sizes and cut them out of construction paper in all different colors.  Once I was satisfied with the number of animals, I started taping them up to the areas I planned to decorate.

Next I ripped (you can cut if you prefer a neater look) strands of crepe paper.  I measured by eye decided approximately where I wanted the ‘seaweed’ to go.  I placed each strand by taping the bottom down near the floor board and loosely twisting.  I secure the top with another piece of tape.

Sea Party Decorations

Make sure to take a step back to admire your work.  You may want to move some creatures to get the desired look.  You may, like me, decide you want more sea creatures and add them after. Either way, it’s a nice addition to any ocean/sea themed party.  One of our little guests exclaimed “It’s like the inside of an aquarium!” when she arrived.  Precisely.