7 Tips for Summer Fun at Wet ‘N Wild Phoenix

Summer is here!  And in Arizona that means staying cool.  Though the sun is harsh (and I mean HARSH) one of our favorite places to cool off and have some fun is Wet ‘N Wild in Phoenix.  The water park is situated on approximately 35 acres and we can easily spend a whole day here.  Here are 7 tips to ensure a great time, some are no brainers, while others took me a while to figure out.

Water Park Tips in Phoenix

1. HYDRATE.  I know this one is obvious.  But a reminder doesn’t hurt.  Drink water, bring water, buy water…whatever you need to do to stay safe and hydrated.  The temperatures reach insane numbers here (today was 106) and it’s no joke.  They have refillable cups you can purchase in the park, which is nice, convenient and budget minded! Make sure you are drinking water, too, though.

2. PICK A SPOT.  Put some towels down and grab some pool chairs.  Make this your command center and meeting spot.  There are tons of areas in the park and lots of chairs but I suggest picking your spot as soon as you arrive.  Make sure your kids stop and look around for a moment to really recognize where it is. The excitement can take over but they need to really pay attention.

3.  BARE MINIMUM.  Wet ‘N Wild has lockers for rent so if you must bring stuff in, I highly recommend a locker rental.  I prefer to go empty handed into the park, though.  We bring the bare minimum.  I bring a backpack but anything I bring in isn’t anything we’d miss if it gets lost or stolen.

4. WATER SHOES.  The ground is hot.  Again, the temps here get high.  Flip flops or sandals are a great option but leaving them at the bottom of each ride or next to the ride is a pain.  There’s cubbies for shoes all around the park but if you wear water shoes it’s one less thing to worry about.  Invest in some water shoes, especially for your kids.

5. GET STAMPED. Wet ‘N Wild stays open late over the summer, especially on the weekends! Young kids might get tired but you don’t have stay all day.  You can leave the park and get a stamp to return the same day.  This is great if your kiddos nap or need a break.  You can return later in the day without over doing it.

6. SAFETY.  Make sure you and your family follow the rules of the park.  They are there to ensure everyone is safe and has a great time.  Be careful and don’t run!

7.  SUN BLOCK.  Bring it with you and if you forget it bite the bullet and purchase in the park. Apply often throughout the day.  I know I have already mentioned it above…multiple times,  the sun is cruel here.  Even if you think you’re protected, reapply!

Check out the rides, attractions and food.  Falling Mammoth is one of my kids’ favorites and Constrictor is a close second.  I am partial to the new Barefootin’ Bay (which is perfect for younger kids) and the  Cactus Cooler Roaring River aka The Lazy River.  There’s not one attraction or ride the kids don’t like.  Truly, the park is full of fun and has something for everyone from the dare devil adventurous type to the more reserved looking for relaxation.  Have fun!

5 Summer Must Haves With Oriental Trading

Summer is in full swing and the heat means pool parties here in Arizona! We love throwing full blown parties but small gatherings are a blast, too.  With smaller parties the pressure isn’t as great and safety is easier to maintain. Either way, Oriental Trading is the place to go for all my summer fun needs.

Top 5 Summer Must Haves:

  1. Water Guns: There are tons of options and sizes to choose from and these are great with or without a pool!otsummer
  2. Cooler: Keep drinks cold when your are hosting guests outside. otsummer3
  3. Pool Noodles: Classic or inflatable, pool noodles are fun for everyone.otsummer2
  4. Water Slide: All you need is a hose and some space to use this fun summer item!otsummer4
  5. Water Bottle: It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer heat.otsummer5

Oriental Trading has all my must haves for summer and more.  What are your must haves for summer and pool parties?

Screen Time Check List: Free Printable

Now that summer is here we know that the kids will be asking for screen time.  To curb the constant questions asking for video games and TV I created this free printable.  This makes it easy for kids to try other forms of entertainment and fulfill responsibilities before their precious screen time.

Summer Activities for Kids


We’ll be posting it on the wall of the playroom and when they ask I’ll direct the kids to it.  Hopefully, it’ll help keep screen time down this summer and keep the kids accountable for some of their own free time during the summer holiday.

Free Summer Printable

What do you do to ensure your kids don’t spend too much time on the table, TV or playing video games?