End of the Year and Last Day Blues

Before parenting you always hear stories of the first day of school; the tears moms and dads shed sending their kiddos off to school.  No one tells you about the indescribable feeling you have at the end of the year.  Well, I’m here to spread the truth; the last day of each grade is far more difficult than the first.

Last Day of School

Don’t get me wrong, the first day is rough, but it’s also exciting.  What will the new year hold?  How will your child grow and change?  The wonder is mixed with the knowledge that your child is growing up, which is sad, yes….but, oh, that last day!  The end of the year, the truth that your child has finished a chapter of their little life, it gets you!  Well, it get’s me.


How to survive the last day of schoolSo here’s my PSA to all soon-to-be parents, Last Day of Schoolnew parents and even old pros.

I wish someone would’ve prepared me so here goes: THE LAST DAY IS HARDER.

Can you tell it’s the end of the school year over here?  Yep.  I’m an emotional wreck. We’re heading into Kindergarten, 2nd grade and High School (eeeeeek).

What grades are your kids going into and how do you feel the first and last days of school?  Share below!

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